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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Has it......

......really been a whole week since I last blogged?? 
I am very sorry to those of you that like to read about my ramblings.....I really don't have a good excuse other than, life gets in the way & there aren't enough hours in the day!!

I knew it was adventurous of me to say I will blog around 3 times a too be honest my life is pretty mundane & not much exciting ever happens.
I don't want to sound on a downer, I think my mood has a lot to do with the weather...dull damp days, where you need the lamp on all day & the blinds pulling down by 4pm.
I am so ready for Spring it is my favourite season, the new bulbs, tiny buds on the trees & a little brighter & being able to hang your washing on the line!

I am a very old fashioned girl when it comes to things like that....there is nothing better than getting your towels & bedding blowing in the breeze on the line. Don't you agree?
We don't own a tumble drier & wouldn't thank you for one....had one years ago & it shrank everything you put in it.
I get great satisfaction from pegging items out on the line....I know I do need to get out more.
I  just seem to have relocated my mojo at the related. Tomorrow's the start of a fresh new who knows.
So this weekend I have been doing some much needed housework & reading my book...which I can't put down.
I promise I will blog again before next Sunday....
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 
Gill xx

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