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Sunday, 17 February 2013

He Is Home

Well Diesel the Rhodesian Ridgeback finally came home yesterday, and he is settling in great. He loves to play and has a real passion for slippers! I have knitted flowers on my slippers and Diesel tries to nibble them even when I am walking!
He has lots of new toys & blankets, he loves his big suede cushion in the lounge.

He is a great addition to the family, the kids love him to bits...Storm wouldn't get dressed today, as she said she would miss him too much in the time it would take to get dressed! She also slept on his cushion with him this afternoon.

He does take up a lot of my time as you can imagine being so small, but I don't mind. I would only be cleaning otherwise (for the people that know me....I am coping well with the mess)! He is a great diversion from doing the housework!! 

Back soon with more gorgeous photos
Thanks for stopping by
Love Gill x

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