The Birdcage

Saturday, 7 January 2017


....What a very long time, since I've wrote a blog post...almost 4 years!!!!
Well what can I say? Sorry....if you have been ever wondering if I will type again.

Life just got very busy, business took off big time 4 years ago. Storm started school, Alfie was in key stage 2 and Elliott was 15 getting ready for exams.
 Plus the arrival of Diesel (which you can read below) I decided to leave a couple of old blog posts on from 2013...I had this blog from January 2011, where I rambled away & shared the odd photo or two.
I have deleted most and given it a bit of a re-vamp.
Down the side now there is tabs to click on which will take you to my Instagram and Facebook page if you fancy a browse through the work I have been doing over the 4 years absence from here.

This is Diesel now, just turned 4 on the 3rd of January...such a big gentle boy, who loves sausages with a passion, veggies &  a roast dinner 
He is my constant studio assistant every day while I work, letting me know as soon as the postman comes into the street! 

As a fresh outlook to the New Year, I was thinking about work and whether to go back to having a personal website like I did a few years back?
I  have so much interaction with customers on my Facebook page, which over the years have become friends...having daily banter, which you don't get on a website.
So for now I am going to leave well alone and start to blog more....which I did love.
I'm not saying it will be daily for now....every other day to start with.

I will be sharing family life, everyday ramblings, recipes, blogs I like to visit, purchases & of course the odd bracelet or two! 
New Kumihimo bracelets for 2017.......

Happy New Year to you all....I hope this year brings you everything you wish for.
Bye for now
Gill xx