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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

It's all about....

.......Balance, I struggle to find it or put it into practice a lot. 
I think working for myself and wanting to do my up most best that I can do...I sometimes stop working at around 10pm in the evenings.
With your own business and working from home, it is always tempting to just put the washing on, make a coffee, see to the dog....distractions which takes you away from your work.

I work in a small space under the stairs (though it's my space) with 5 of us at home, the 4 bedrooms are all used day *sigh*

So one of my New Year plans is to stop working too late every evening and take some time out for me....
I have a book on my bedside table, which has been there for over 2 months, I've read the first page!! 
My aim is to find a balance between working, stopping and downing tools until the next day and looking after myself more.
I know I speak for lots of you, I haven't even mentioned kids.....I'm not going there today!

I hope you are finding some sort of balance this evening, we deserve it
Until next time
Gill xx

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